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Wall of Signatures

Comment the name you'd like shown on the Wall of Signatures. For safety reasons, you can comment anonymously your first namenickname, initials, pseudonym, or other alias. No full names, unless it's a pen name. To keep the page orderly, all comments will be deleted as names are added.

Authors, would any of your characters like to attend a (fictional) class by Beth? Comment their names and one book/series title (optional).

** = Characters from the Disaster Crimes series

* Other author's characters

**Beth Kennedy/Goldwyn

**Donovan Goldwyn


**Leighton Ford



**April Sanchez



**Emmett aka Bear



*Krista Steinberg

Chrys Fey

Elaine Kaye

*Sammy Green (Gregory Green Adventures)

*Gregory Green (Gregory Green Adventures)