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Check out these self-defense videos.

Watch this YouTube Playlist by Chrys Fey put together of videos here, plus more.


Simple Self-Defense Moves You Should Know:

30 Self-Defense and Survival Tricks You Must Know:

30 Easy Self-Defense Tips that May Save Your Life One Day:

30 Self-Defense Tips You Must Know:

5 Self-Defense Moves Everyone Woman Should Know:

7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women from Professionals:

Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should Know:

5 Choke Hold Defenses Women MUST know:

***AWESOME PLAYLIST*** Women’s Self-Defense Playlist from GracieBreakdown.


Basic Self-Defense Moves Playlist from Howcast.

5 Self-Defense Moves EVERYONE Should Know:

Hair Pulling/Grab Defense:

Wrist Release:

Choke Hold:

Self-Defense Playlist from Ando Mierzwa.