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The Fighting Chance is a fictional self-defense studio run by Beth Kennedy/Goldwyn in the Disaster Crimes series by Chrys Fey. In the books, it is a place where people (men, women, young and old) went to learn confidence, strength, and how to defend themselves.

"She also had The Fighting Chance—a place she went to in the real world and a place that dwelled inside her." - from A Fighting Chance (Disaster Crimes 6)

In the book A Fighting Chance, Amanda, a sexual assault survivor and assistant self-defense instructor, mentions how she came across the website for Beth's studio and how it had changed her life. That's how Chrys Fey got the idea to create a website fashioned after the fictional studio. Her goal was to make it a resource for people, especially women, who want to learn more about self-defense, what to do if you're experiencing domestic violence (or any kind of abuse), and how to be an advocate. 

You will find resources, videos, music, classes, and much more.

And just like in the books, all first-time students have the opportunity to sign their name on the Wall of Signatures, as a right of passage and the beginning of their journey, so go over to the Wall of Signatures page and add your first name/nickname/initials/pseudonym/alias. You can comment anonymously. 

Stay strong!








Wall of Signatures

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